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Sherry Immediato Hi Res hbsClaire Sherry Immediato is a founding practiioner in the field of organizational learning.  She specializes in multi-stakeholder collaboration to address complex system issues by increasing collective intelligence and wisdom, and redesigning policies and practices to support sustainability. She is founder and president of Heaven & Earth Incorporated – dedicated to increasing performance, health and well-being in complex systems. Her priority is to support those she works with in being true to their highest aspirations while being fully grounded in the realities of their current situation. Her special focus is developing the habits, skills and infrastructure that produce desired results as simply as possible, particularly in cross-sector contexts. Her clients have included public sector and non-profit enterprises in health care, education, and other areas of community service, in addition to divisions of Fortune 500 corporations.

 She serves as a director of the ReThink Health initiative of the Fannie E. Rippel Foundation ( with a focus on supporting innovative approaches to multi-stakeholder stewardship for regional health system sustainability – improving health and care, reducing costs and redesigning policies and rewards to sustain these outcomes.

She is chair of the board of Seeing Things Whole ( and a member of the Board of the Northeast Foundation for Children ( having served as both chair and treasurer for many years. She speaks extensively around the world and has a particular interest in supporting the development of learning communities in emerging economies. She was a member of the Consortium on Productivity in the Schools, sponsored by Columbia University Teachers College and co-author of Using what we have to get the schools we need: A productivity focus for American education. She is the co-author of Creating Integrated Care and Healthier Communities, a computer simulation and learning experience for health care leaders sponsored by the New England Healthcare Assembly, Innovation Associates and the American Hospital Association. She was the lead faculty member of the national Public Health Education Leadership Institute for its duration from 1998-2006, and on the faculty of the CDC sponsored national Environmental Public Health Leadership Institute for its duration from 2005-2011, in addition to many regional public health leadership institutes. She has made presentations at the International System Dynamics Society, Systems Thinking in Action, the Power of Systems Thinking, the Organization Development Network, and the Quality of Work Life conferences and is a contributor to the Fifth Discipline Fieldbook: The Dance of Change.

Sherry is a founding member of SoL, the Society for Organizational Learning and currently serves as the Corporate Secretary (and former Co-Chair) of the Council of Trustees ( She has most recently served as the president and managing director from 2001 – 2010. She was also publisher of SoL’s journal, Reflections.  Ms. Immediato was a Principal with Innovation Associates from 1983-1996. She has also worked in venture capital and economic development in both industry and government.

She is currently an Adjunct Associate Professor at the St. Louis University School of Public Health. She served for four years on the organization behavior faculty of the Radcliffe College Management Program.

Sherry has Masters degrees in Business Administration and Public Policy from Harvard University, and is A.B.D. in Organizational Behavior at the Harvard Business School. Her research has focused on the natural cycles of change in organizations and how we can work with these forces rather than against them as both managers and individuals. E-mail:

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