About Us

Heaven & Earth Incorporated is dedicated to increasing performance, health and well-being in complex systems.

Through an extensive network of colleagues, we focus on supporting:

  • Cross-sector collaboratives with the goal of addressing specific community issues in the realms of health and/or sustainability
  • Corporations in their quest to improve their own performance and be good global citizens by increasing well-being and sustainability
  • NGOs and others with missions of community service
  • Any group or organization interested in improving the quality of their thought

We provide a variety of services including:

  • consultation on strategies to build cross organizational alliances
  • workshops to develop and strengthen specific team and leadership capabilities
  • design and facilitation of “whole system” gatherings
  • design and facilitation of communities of practice
  • research on key learnings and insights from past initiatives, and critical assumptions about how to be successful going forward
  • coaching and development of systems change agents and facilitators
  • talks at meetings and conferences to share key concepts and provoke conversation

We are guided by three key ideas:

  1. Human beings are where heaven and earth meet – on an everyday basis this means that we are at our best when we are able to hold our aspirations, hopes and dreams in tension with the realities of our world.
  2. There’s a difference between intelligence and wisdom, and we need both. We are referring to intelligence as a function of the mind – it includes a deep understanding of the systems that surround and include us, and how we work with these forces. Wisdom on the other hand speaks to our heart/soul level connection with the known and unknown that results in patience, compassion, courage as a function of our values and our commitment to be of service.
  3. Humans are fundamentally social beings and interdependent – we think, learn and act best together.

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